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Long Beach Application and Ordinance for Cultivation and Manufacture as early as May 1, 2017

The city has announced that they will begin accepting applications for commercial cultivation and testing on May 1, and applications for manufacturing on Aug 1, including volatile solvent extraction and will be accepting applications for distribution later this year. The city is not requiring a (CUP) conditional use permit process, instead the city requires a marijuana business license application, so the process is much quicker to get approval and I can negotiate any purchase contract contingent on license issuance based on terms that are mutually agreeable to the seller and the buyer.

Additionally, the tax measure passed by the voters imposes a 6% tax on gross receipt, up to a maximum of 8%, if the city council convenes and votes to raise taxes, which is reasonable in light of tax measures in surrounding cities.

Because of the way that the ordinance was written, which was passed by majority vote, the city is required to give licenses so long as the property is in their approved zone and meet all of their application criteria.

Included on this post is a copy of the ordinance and cultivation application to this email. I can also discuss in greater detail how I have successfully negotiated contingencies for manufacturing licensing as well to be included in the purchase contract. I maintain good contact with the city who approves applications and the city manager will also verify that the city is obligated to give licensing once zoning is verified, and expect to have zoning clearance verified within 7-10 days of applications if you are one of the first applications submitted.

If there are a great deal of applicants who have submitted their applications prior to yours, it should take no more than 2-3 weeks. After that point, you just need to meet the application checklist needs (building and safety plan sign off, permit application for buildout, environmental health, then fire and safety). Assuming that your buildout is not extensive, you could feasibly have a certificate of occupancy and be up and running in 75-90 days according to the city.

Since I have quite a few properties available and if you are interested in any let me know which and I will send you full property details. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything included in this post and I will be happy to answer them.

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