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City forms Ad Hoc Committee for Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Sales

Oceanside city council voted a 3-2 vote to create an ad hoc commmittee to gather information in regards to cultivation, distribution and medical marijuana sales.

Manyv proponent medical marijuana farmers came forth and discussed the positive outcomes of regulatig medical marijuana in Oceanside, CA.

Councilman Chuck Lowery and Councilman Jerry Kern proposed the formation of an ad hoc committee of seven, including themselves, City Treasurer Rafe Edward Trickey Jr., and four residents/stakeholders/farmers, to research business logistics and bring back options and a regulation structure for City Council to consider in October.

The purpose of the ad hoc commmittee is fact finding without prejudice. The commmittee members will interview farmers and business owners to recieve insight of the already operating cannabis farming and retail industry.

Lowery is a proponent of providing safe and reliable access to medical marijuana for Oceanside patients. Lowery would like to see properly regulated sales of medical marijuana in Oceanside.

Mayor Jim Wood took a business standtpoint in forming a committee. Wood wants to look at the feasibility of medical marijuana cultivation.

“I think growing medical marijuana would help our agriculture area a lot, and bring money to the city,” Wood stated. “I’m leaning towards it, but need more information.”

City Council members want to be ahead of state regulations and maintain city control. City Council sees this as an opportunity to maintain control and direction of the medical marijuana process.

The City Council acknowledged 57 percent of Oceanside residents voted in favor of Proposition 64, which allows recreational marijuana use, and that the times they are a-changing.

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